With over 300 models available, Epson G-Series robots provide extreme Power of Choice for our customers. Our G1 Mini SCARA robots have repeatabilities down to 0.005mm and our G20 Heavy Duty SCARA robots can handle extremely heavy payloads (up to 20Kg). Models are available from 175mm to 1000mm in length with Clean/ESD, IP54 or IP65 (dust or washdown) as well as wall, ceiling, and tabletop models available. Also, with our new Max-E work envelope saving design, curved arm options for the G3 and Max-R high performance arm rigidity design, G-Series robots lead the industry in variety, features and performance. Show us your application and chances are we have the right SCARA robot for your next job.

G1 G1-171S Side G1 Mini SCARA robots are perfect for small footprint, light payload applications where high precision, high speed, and high performance are required. Available in 175 and 225mm arm lengths.
G3 G3-351C Cleanroom Side As the compact SCARA leader, Epson G3’s are our 3rd generation of compact SCARA robots. High rigidity, high speed, and high flexibility are the trademarks of Epson compact SCARA’s. G3’s are available in 250, 300 and 350mm arms. Clean/ESD also available.
G6 G6-553S w/ Vision The G6 is the workhorse of the G-Series lineup with over 70 models available from 450-650mm in length. Clean/ESD as well as IP54 or IP65 (washdown or dustproof) models are available. G6 arms provide high speed, high performance, and high precision.
G10 G10-851S Side High speed AND high payloads come standard with the G10. With 650 and 850mm models available, Epson G10 robots are a perfect fit for most medium size and payload applications. Clean/ESD as well as IP54 or IP65 (washdown or dustproof) models are available.
G20 G20-851S Side With a 20Kg payload, unique high rigidity design and up to 1000mm of reach, the Epson G20 is perfect for applications that require heavy payloads and large work areas. G20 arms are available in 850 and 1000mm lengths. Clean/ESD and IP65 or IP54 (dustproof or washdown) models are available.


Epson RS-Series robots are more than just SCARA robots. We call them SCARA+ more. Unlike the normal SCARA robots, the Epson RS-Series have a unique ability to move the 2nd axis underneath the 1st axis thus allowing them to move throughout the entire workspace. Normal SCARA robots have to move around themselves thus leaving a big hole in the middle they cannot reach giving Epson RS SCARA+ robots both work envelope AND speed advantage. Epson RS-Series SCARA+ robots have repeatabilities down to 0.010mm and cycle times of .339 secs. Be sure to ask about a cycle time mockup for your next application so we can show you the Epson Advantage and how the RS-Series SCARA+ robots can work for your next application.

RS3 RS3-351 Bottom With a 350mm of reach RS3-351 SCARA+ robots can work on pallets that usually require SCARA robots twice the size. Super fast with excellent work envelope usage the Epson RS3 robots are perfect for your next high speed SCARA type application.
RS4 RS4 Side The Epson RS4-551 provides 550mm of reach and is capable of handling up to 4Kg payloads. With a work envelope area of an 1100mm diameter circle, the RS4 simply blows the competition away in terms of available workspace.


The Epson LS-Series SCARA Robots were created as the reduced cost solution for factories looking for maximum value without giving up performance. A wide variety of low cost technologies including the new RC90 controller are used with the LS-Series robots. However, the EPSON LS-Series robots are still packed with the same performance and reliability our users have come to expect from Epson. Everything from high performance motion control with our PowerDrive Technology to integrated options such as Vision Guide, .Net connectivity, DeviceNet, Profibus, and more is available. With outstanding flexibility, EPSON LS-Series robots were made for those customers that need Epson quality at a reduced price.

LS3 LS3 Low Cost SCARA Robot (Front Side View) Epson LS3 robots are part of our value line of SCARA Robots. High peformance and low cost are what you can expect with the LS3 robots. Arms are available with a 400mm reach and payload capabilities up to 3Kg. LS3 robots come with the RC90 controller and EPSON RC+ 7.0 software which leads the industry in ease of use.
LS6 LS6 Low Cost SCARA Robot (Front View) Epson LS6 robots are the longer reach models available as part of our value line of SCARA Robots. LS6 Arms are available in 500, 600 or 700mm reach versions with payload capabilities up to 6Kg to provide a variety of options so you can select the right sized robot for your application. LS6 robots come with the RC90 controller and EPSON RC+ 7.0 software which leads the industry in ease of use.
LS20 EPSON LS20-804S (Front View) Epson LS20 robots have 800 and 1000mm arm lengths with 20Kg payloads and come at a value price. They are perfect for larger part handling as required for Automotive, Industrial and Packaging applications. LS20 robots come with the RC90 controller and EPSON RC+ 7.0 software which leads the industry in ease of use.


The low-cost, space-saving SCARA all-in-one robot for quick installation and faster setup than slide-based systems. Easy to program with Epson RC+ development software and many integrated options available.

T3 Epson T3 SCARA All-In-One (Angle View) Epson T3 SCARA robots are the ultimate slide alternative with a compact design, strong performance, and most importantly simple setup, installation and development. With a 400mm reach and up to 3Kg maximum payloads, the T3 SCARA robots are packed with many of the same powerful features as our entire SCARA line but at an incredibly low price. T3 All-in-One robots come with Epson RC+ 7.0 software which leads the industry in ease of use and have a wide variety of available options including the popular Epson Vision Guide integrated robot guidance vision solution.