Epson RC620+ Expansion I/O

Expansion I/O

  • Used for controlling peripheral devices like conveyors, feeders, etc.
  • Up to 128 Inputs and 128 Outputs can be added (4 boards)
  • Tight Integration with EPSON RC+ Software
  • View I/O Status using EPSON RC+ I/O Monitor

The EPSON RC620+ Controller come standard with 24 Inputs and 16 Outputs. However, many applications require additional I/O to allow the controller to interact with peripheral devices like conveyors, feeders, tooling, etc. For this reason EPSON has the Expansion I/O Option. Up to 4 Expansion I/O boards with 32 Inputs /32 Outputs can be added to the EPSON RC620+ Controller. Once installed the controller will recognize the additional I/O and allow access to it through the SPEL+ I/O commands, as well as the EPSON RC+ I/O Monitor.

Options & Accessories

I/O Options

Expansion I/O Board

I/O Expansion Board (RC620+ and RC180 Controller)

Protected I/O board only (32 Inputs / 32 Outputs). For RC180 Controller an Options Adder Box (p/n R12B100503) option is required.

Part Number: R12C040301

I/O Terminal Block Kit (RC180, RC620 Controllers)

I/O Terminal Block Kit to break out digital I/O to 50 pin terminal block. Comes with 10 ft cable. The standard I/O boards for the RC180 and RC620 Controllers use (1) 50 pin cable and (1) terminal block. The optional expansion I/O board for the RC180 and RC620 Controllers uses (2) 50 pin cables and (2) terminal blocks. (2 kits)

Part Number: RE000855-2