Press Releases

Press Releases

Epson Launches All-in-One SCARA Robot for Simple Applications

September 2017

Epson Robots, the #1 SCARA robot manufacturer in the world, announced it is expanding its line of industrial SCARA robots with the new T-Series All-in-One robots with built-in controller, a new technology feature which reduces space requirements and simplifies setup. The T3, the first product in the T-Series, offers a cost-effective and simple-to-integrate and install automation solution for simple applications such as pick and place, assembly, parts handling and dispensing applications in industries ranging from automotive and medical development, to lab automation, consumer electronics, electronic components and industrial.

EPSON Redefines 6-Axis Category with New Flexion N-Series

February 2017

Introducing innovative new technology to the factory automation industry, Epson Robots today announced the revolutionary new Flexion™ N-Series 6-Axis robots, featuring a compact folding arm design poised to dramatically change the scope of automation. Expanding and diversifying Epson’s 6-Axis robot portfolio, the Flexion N-Series provides a compact solution for applications requiring smaller robots and workcells.

EPSON Expands LS-Series SCARA Lineup

July 2016

Epson Robots, a global leader in SCARA Robots, expands their SCARA robot lineup with the introduction of 3 new robots - the LS20, LS6-500 and LS6-700. Built to carry heavy objects at high speeds, the LS20 provides a powerful solution for larger payload applications at a low price. The LS6-500 and LS6-700 expand our offering of the LS-Series lower cost Epson SCARA robots adding to the already popular LS6 robot lineup.

EPSON Announces New C8-Series 6-Axis Robots

March 2016

Epson Robots, a global leader in advanced robotic technology, expands their 6-axis robot lineup with the introduction of the new EPSON C8-Series robots. With more reach, faster speeds, more payload, and our unique SlimLine design, Epson C8, C8L and C8XL robots provide superior performance for even the most demanding and complex applications.

EPSON Robots Announces New Controller for G and RS SCARA Robots

October 2015

EPSON Robots, the global leader in Industrial SCARA Robots, announces the addition of the G and RS-Series SCARA robots to the RC700A Controller platform. As the leader in PC based robot controls, the high performance RC700A controller can now be used with EPSON C4 6-axis, G-Series SCARA, and RS-Series SCARA robots. With powerful integrated options and PC based ease of use, the RC700A helps reduce development time and save customers money.

EPSON Robots Announces Distributor of the Year 2015 - IRBY Company

September 2015

Epson Robots, the global leader in Industrial SCARA Robots, recognizes IRBY Company, for an outstanding year in Industrial Robot and Automation sales for the 2015 fiscal year. Through hard work, and consistent customer focus, Irby Company uncovered new opportunities and helped automate many factories throughout the southern US states helping to keep manufacturing strong in the US. 

EPSON Robots Signs CIMTEC Automation as New Distributor

August 2015

Epson Robots, the #1 SCARA Robot Manufacturer in the World, is pleased to announce CIMTEC Automation as the newest member of their growing distribution network. The agreement includes distribution of all of Epson Robots automation products including their large lineup of SCARA, 6-Axis and Linear Module robots as well as integrated vision, fieldbus I/O and many other industrial automation products offered by Epson Robots.

EPSON Announces New CV2 Vision Systems

May 2015

Epson Robots introduces the new CV2 Vision Systems. With faster speeds and more vision tools the new CV2-S and CV2-H vision systems are the latest in the strong lineup of vision solutions from Epson Robots. Up to (4) GigE and (2) USB cameras are supported along with higher camera resolutions up to 5 Megapixels. The popular Vision Guide Development Environment is used to help minimize development time with it’s easy to learn and use point and click development environment.

Epson Robots Honors Flexible Automation for 30 Years of Outstanding Partnership

December 2014

Epson Robots recognized Flexible Automation, Inc. for 30 years of partnership in designing and implementing top notch robotic automation solutions that make North American manufacturers more productive, competitive and profitable. In their 30 year partnership with Epson Robots, Flexible Automation, Inc. has used a substantial number of Epson SCARA, Cartesian, and 6-axis Epson robots for a wide variety of different robotic applications.

EPSON Announces New C4/C4L 6-Axis Robots

May 2014

Epson Robots, a global leader in advanced robotic technology, introduces the new Epson C4 and C4L Compact 6-Axis Robots. With faster speeds and more payload capability while keeping the SlimLine design, Epson C4 and C4L robots provide superior performance for even the most demanding and complex applications.