Determining Controller Heat Generation

Determining Controller Heat Generation

When the controller is placed in an enclosure the topic of heat generation comes up. There are three components that make up heat generation: baseline controller heat generation, the motor drive board, and the regenerative resistance of the robot motors. Use the following formula to determine the heat generation of Epson RC controllers.

1) Baseline controller heat generation for RC90/180/700/700A: Approx. 150W

2) Motor Drive Board (MDB): The amount of heat generation of this depends on the wattage of the motor. The motor wattage can be obtained from the robot specifications.

                                 --> Motor's total wattage x 0.10 or 0.15

                                 Please use 0.15 for heavy duty operations and 0.10 for the rest.

3) Regenerative resistance depends on the robot model.

                           G1/G3/LS3/LS6: 0W *these models have no regenerative resistance.

                           G6/C4: 50W

                           G10/G20/C8/LS20: 100W

                           RS3/RS4: 20W

The sum of sections 1- 3 is the total amount of heat generation.


RC700-A Controller with Epson G6 Robot under heavy duty operations

1)      Baseline controller heat generation

Controller Model

Heat Generation




2)      Motor Drive Board J1: 400W ; J2: 400W ; J3: 200W ; J4: 100W




G6 Joint 1:

400W * 0.15


G6 Joint 2:

400W * 0.15


G6 Joint 3:

200W * 0.15


G6 Joint 4:

100W * 0.15


3)      Regenerative resistance

Robot Model

Regenerative Resistance Heat




Final result:  150W + 60W + 60W + 30W + 15W + 50W = 365W

Optional conversion from Watts to BTU/hr

P(BTU/hr) = 3.412141633 × P(W)  = 3.412141633 * 365W = 1245 BTU/hr

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