Camera xTilt and yTilt value explanation.

The tilt values are just relative with no units.  Epson RC+ doesn’t know Z (because the calibration is 2D) so it cannot calculate degrees.

After calibration is executed, the tilt values are calculated by create 5 points as shown below, with one point in the center.  The points on the X axis are 0.25 x width from the edge of the FOV, and the Y axis points are 0.25 x height from the edge of the FOV.

xleft, xright, ytop, ybot are calculated in mm.


The tilt values are calculated as follows:

if (xleft != xright)

        m_xTilt = (xright - xleft) / m_xMMPerPixel;


        m_xTilt = 0.0;

    if (ytop != ybot)

        m_yTilt = (ybot - ytop) / m_yMMPerPixel;


        m_yTilt = 0.0;

As an example of tilt, if the camera was tilted along the X axis, the points would look something like the following.  xleft appears shorter than xright.



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