Importing Vision into a new project with Epson RC+ 7.x.

Starting with Epson RC+ 7.x, there is a File | Import command that includes an option to import Vision Sequences and/or Vision Calibration from another project.  This article will guide you on the steps to doing this.

Open the project that you want the Vision items imported into.

Select File | Import

Browse to the project that has the Vision items you want to import.

Select that project and in the File | Type drop-down box, select “Vision (*.vis)”.  Now, select the actual vis file from the import file dialog and click Open.

You should see a dialog box similar to the one shown below appear:

Select which sequences and/or calibrations you want to import. 

Click the OK button.

The sequences and/or calibrations will be imported and available in the new project.  Make sure to test the operation of the sequences and/or calibrations.

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