T5370: HowTo: Verify a Mobile Mounted camera calibration

Article ID: T5370
Date: 2/7/13
Product: Vision Guide

Here is a typical test program to verify that a Mobile Mounted camera calibration was performed correctly.  You should run this code after calibration of the Mobile Mounted camera.  For this example, the calibration used a "TargetSequence" called "calTarget".  After calibrating the camera, change the "Calibration" property for the "Target Sequence" (ie.,  "calTarget") to the name of the calibration that was just completed.   For this example, "calTarget" used a Geometric object to find the calibration’s reference target. 

Note that you will also need to change the Z coordinate in the #define to an appropriate value.

#define ZHEIGHT 0
Function testMobileCal
      Integer count
      Real x, y, u
      Boolean found
      Power Low
      LimZ 0
      Tool 0
            Jump camshot :Z(0)
            Pause 'Pause the robot so that you can move the target
            VRun calTarget
            VGet calTarget.Geom01.RobotXYU, found, x, y, u
            If found = True Then
               Jump XY(x, y, ZHEIGHT, u)
               Print "Part Not Found"

After the robot Jumps to the camera shot position (i.e., camshot), the program will Pause.  You will need to click the Continue button on the EPSONRC+ Run Window after moving the vision target (i.e, the part that the vision sequence is looking for).  If you used a "Tool" to calibrate the camera then please change the "Tool" statement in the code listed above to the correct Tool number.

Author of the Article: John Yett

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