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  1. questionSpeed up GUI Builder programs by not using GSet command when not needed.
    Sometimes we see customers doing code similar to the following: If newStatus = 0 Then GSet Test.CheckBox1.Checked, False Else GSet Test.CheckBox1.Checked, True EndIf The problem with this code is that it will do a GSet for the checkbox every single time even if the setting hasn’t ch ...
  2. questionSteps to Save and load RC+ controller communications setup
    Sometimes a customer may have multiple computers that they use and want to use the same controller communications settings on each computer. You can manually setup each computer with the same settings but there is also a way using the registry to setup one computer, make a registry file, and l ...
  3. questionT5367: HowTo: Safe Recovery to a known starting point on program start
    Article ID: T5367 Date: 2/6/13 Product: Epson RC+ This article describes one of many different methods that can be used to determine if the robot is in a safe location when the application is started. The “InsideBox” function can be used to determine if the robot is inside o ...
  4. questionT5366: HowTo: Synchronization of robots that share work envelopes
    Article ID: T5366 Date: 2/6/13 Product: Epson RC+ It is recommended that very effort is made to split the work envelopes apart. That being said, here are two possible methods for allowing robots to share work envelopes -> Method #1: 1. On a RC620+ controller, each robot will have ...
  5. questionT5365: HowTo: Stopping Motion based upon an input condition
    Article ID: T5365 Date: 2/5/13 Product: EPSON RC+ There are many ways of stopping motion based upon an input condition. This article demonstrates how the "Till" and "Sense" commands can be used for this purpose. Sense Command: The "Sense" modifier uses an input condition to stop a Jump ...
  6. questionT5358: SPEL+ Basics: Using Memory I/O vs using Boolean variables?
    Article ID: T5358 Date: 1/30/13 Product: Epson RC+ There are advantages and disadvantages to both Memory I/O and Boolean variables. Here are some of the pros & cons -> Memory I/O 1. Memory I/O is similar to discrete I/O. They share similar commands and syntax. Memory I/O and d ...