Customer Service

Customer Service

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Phone: (562) 290-5920

Epson takes customer service very seriously. A down robot means a factory has stopped producing product and stopped producing revenue. Our promise to our customers is to provide accurate, courteous support in a timely fashion. We take a proactive approach to problems and solve most issues over the phone. We are also happy to help you be prepared with recommended spare parts kits, maintenance procedures and more to give you all the tools necessary in the unlikely event that problems occur.

Robot Rebuild Services

While EPSON Robots are known for their reliability and long operational lifespans, there comes a time in every robot’s life where they just don’t run quite the same as when they were new. This is often the time when some robot vendors try to sell you a new robot. However, at EPSON our robots are so well built that many of them can be rebuilt to "good as new" condition sometimes for a fraction of the cost of a new unit. We call this our Robot Rebuild Program and it’s one of our most popular service programs.

If you have an old robot in need of a little attention, give us a call at (562) 290-5920 or send us an E-Mail at and we’ll be happy to explain what’s required to bring new life to an old reliable asset.

Preventative Maintenance Services

If properly maintained, your EPSON Robot will last for many years of reliable service. However, like any mechanical device, EPSON Robots do require periodic maintenance. For customers that do not have the resources available to perform this normal routine maintenance we offer Preventive Robot Maintenance. Our Preventive Maintenance provides you with a Service Engineer at your facility to examine the wear and tear on your robots, and provide the necessary maintenance to keep them running in top form.

For more information on our Preventative Maintenance Services send us an E-Mail at or give us a call at (562) 290-5920.

Spare Parts Recommendations

One of the best ways to minimize down time is to have spare parts on hand at your facility. Our Spare Parts Recommendation will help to insure you stock the necessary parts for your robot and how you use it in the factory. Through the years we have come to learn which parts tend to wear over time. As a result we can recommend Spare Parts Kit tailored for you and your use. This keeps the number of parts to a minimum while ensuring that the most common parts required are on hand.

If you would like us to help formulate a recommended spare parts list for your factory, you can contact our Customer Service Department at (562) 290-5920 or send us an E-Mail at

Help Requests

Please use the form below to ask questions of our technical support staff and we’ll be happy to get you a written response ASAP. This is useful for the "How Do I…" types of questions as usually we have seen the question before and can give you a step by step response on how to solve your issue. Or if you have a broken robot and need help from our Service Dept, they will be happy to walk you through common solutions to your problem.